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Pop Culture World | Israel BANS Skinny models in Advertising!

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Israel BANS Skinny models in Advertising!

The fashion industry has long debated the use of ultrathin models. Now lawmakers in Israel are attempting to ban them.

A new law passed on Monday requires that male and female models in Israel must have a body mass index (or BMI, a measure of weight proportionate to height) of no less than 18.5—a standard used by the World Health Organization—or a note from a doctor saying they are not underweight before they can be hired for a modeling job. A six-foot-tall model, for example, must weigh no less than 136.5 pounds.

The legislation also bans use of models who “look underweight,” and creators of ads must disclose whether they used Photoshop or graphic programs to manipulate images to make the models look skinnier.

(Source: popcultweb)

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